Handheld Girlfriend 2.0 Personal Masturbator

Handheld Girlfriend 2.0 Personal Masturbator



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You’ll feel every bump and ridge inside the soft inner love tunnel of the Honey Adult Play "Handheld Girlfriend II" Personal Masturbator with Moaning Girl Sounds for Men. With a silicone body that’s smooth to the touch and a durable outer shell that’s easy to grip, you’ll enjoy your private time for as long as you like. Heat up the flesh-like silicone and feel the intense sensations with 10 different vibration modes. Powered by a USB rechargeable battery, and easy silicone removal ensures you can use your personal masturbator anywhere.

The personal masturbator is great for achieving maximum pleasure when and wherever you need it. The design of the masturbator allows it to perfectly stimulate all areas of the penis and provide additional ridges for extreme satisfaction. With only 2 buttons on the controller, the personal masturbator is user-friendly for anyone. Listen to the sexual moans of a woman through the incorporated speaker for the perfect private show. Skin-friendly and soft to the touch, our personal masturbators for men are made with only the highest quality medical-grade silicone materials to ensure safe and enjoyable use each time.