Strenght "N" Love Kegel Ball Set

Strenght "N" Love Kegel Ball Set

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If you’ve recently had a baby or suffer from a weak bladder, you know what it feels like to temporarily lose control. Well, regain control of your bladder using Honey Adult Play Strength "N" Love Kegel Balls for Women. Use these Kegel balls just a few minutes a day and strengthen your pelvic floor and PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. This 2 piece kegel ball set is made with waterproof, medical-grade silicone that is FDA, CE, and RoHs approved to ensure ultimate comfortability and ease of use.

Our Kegel balls for beginners provide 3 phases that progressively increase muscle tone and strength near the vaginal floor. The waterproof designs ensure hygienic use that is always quick and easy to clean. The kegel ball for women can help women that are post-pregnancy, have a weak bladder, or to increase the pleasure in their sex lives. Honey Kegel Balls for Women are the perfect solution for your kegel ball exercise needs!

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