Downward Doggy - Life-Sized Ass & Vagina Stroker

Life-Sized Realistic Sex Doll - Ass & Vagina Stroker Masturbator


If you like big butts, and cannot lie, then this ass is for you! This super tight vagina offers full textured nodules and ridges that are paired with a textured anal passage that is sensually structured.

The textured inner vaginal canal caresses and accommodates just about any lengths. Varying pleasure ribs makes penetration a realistic experience with minimal effort and maximum pleasure.

Durable and realistic skin tone are textured to amplify the feel and your grasp to give each stroke and use the maximum experience levels possible.

Each of the dual glory holes offer a tight textured experience with stimulating suction and ribbed nodules that mimic the real experience.

Realistic:  Smooth realistic skin feels on the outside like an actual woman and the deeply textured vagina and tight anus is perfect for a seriously satisfying penetration.

Material: Medical grade silicone with no phthalates and non-sticky realistic skin for a quality sensation and experience. Light weight and shape can be kept like new with care. Non-toxic smell.

Care: The material is made of medical TPE, free of latex and phthalate. Velvety, smooth and perfectly formed, it also extremely stretchy, soft and easy to clean. Compatible with both water based and silicone-based lubricants.

Size:  Measures 15.1x12.6x 9.5 inches, Vagina Depth: Inelastic 5.1 inches, Bouncy 6.3 inches.

Slap the big round ass and listen to the whack-- it sounds and feels just like a real ass. Spread her cheeks, plunge into her tight little asshole. It's literally all access, all the time and any place you want it.

Note: The primary hole does not connect to the pussy or anus and is not a drainage hole. It is designed to let air escape when fucking either the pussy or ass. If you submerge the masturbator completely in water, you can cause damage to the piece because water will get inside and wet the foam core. if the foam core gets wet, the core will shrivel up and get much smaller.

You should only clean the masturbator by flushing water in and out through the vagina and anal cavity.

The vagina and anal holes connect, so by flushing water through either hole will cleanse it properly. Do not rinse water through the backside opening and do not submerge the masturbator completely in water.