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Realistic to the touch Pocket strokers features soft, flexible and skin friendly 3D internal textured tunnel.  Super stretchy...

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Male Masturbator Cups Pocket Pussy StrokerRealistic to the touch Pocket strokers features soft, flexible and skin friendly 3D internal textured tunnel.  Super stretchy material with a tight textured sensation is designed to give men the feeling of a real woman. 

The flexible material easily stretches to accommodate any size while providing an extremely intense suction, giving you an exceptionally lifelike feeling.

Build to a vigorous and exploding climax by adding a bit of silicone lube to up the experience to one that will keep you coming back for more.

3D textured internal canal is model with separate chambers to enjoy an array of sensations with every stroke.

Dive a little deeper and discover suction-creating ribbed folds that caress your length.  Make it a point to discover the G-Spot and experience incredibly lifelike sensations.

Realistic:  Smooth realistic skin feels on the outside like an actual woman and the deeply textured vagina is perfect for a seriously satisfying penetration.

Stroker Trainer: Perfect your technique by adjusting your stroke while plunging into the deeply textured canal to give her more pleasure by holding off ejaculation, until she can’t take it anymore. The suction canal offers the motion tension of an actual blow job.

Material: Medical grade silicone with no phthalates and non-sticky realistic skin for a quality sensation and experience. Lightweight and shape can be kept like new with care.

Deep Throat: Ribbed throat including a realistic mouth and inner cheeks and uvula that mimics the real thing. 3D textured canal measuring 6”

Care: Easy to clean with warm water. Keep in a cool dry place and light talcum powder for freshest long-term use.

Single opening design creates suction for a realistic sensation to intensify pleasure stroke after stroke after insertion to the 3D internal canal.

Easy to hold and clean for continual use and pleasure.  A light dusting of powder can keep your fuckable hole fresh and ready for your next use.

Non-toxic material, medical grade silicone and the most fulfilling sexual experience that you can have alone.

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