The 2019 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo or the AEE was held Jan 23rd to the 26th, and was sponsored this year by Myfreecams.com. Though, you can rest assured some of the biggest names in the industry were there, including Chaturbate, Brazzers, Vixen, Blacked and Modelhub just to name a few. We also had some others visiting, even though one of the main climatic events there was Cardi B performing inside the Hard Rock’s Vanity nightclub located at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada.


What's to see?

 Amongst the beautiful women everywhere and top people in the industry, yes they had some incredibly big names there like Abella Danger, Phoenix Marie, Alexis Texas,, Lela Star, Molly steward Riley Reid and many more., such as the hottie Madison Ivy. Which we snapped a shot of just for you guys to peep that hot leather outfit she was rocking at the Brazzers Booth.




If you don't believe us, just for proof to show we were there being active, here is a picture of your personal blog writer and attendee who we call “Mysterio” taking a picture with Abella Danger who Won AVN Most Epic Ass for 2019 Award.

Side Note: Abella Danger is probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Her line was long and it was for a reason. She showed some actual real genuine interest in her fans and every fan took about 15-20 minutes of chatting with her (at no charge) out of your wallet. Perhaps she may be one in the industry that realizes “HEY THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO GOT ME TO WHERE I AM”, or maybe I’m wrong and she’s just an overall sweetheart.



The other stuff that’s like business related and stuff

Besides just hanging with your favorite porn stars, and webcam girls we had places like ModelHub there which is a new clip site relative to clips4sale, which are sites where you can upload video content on their sites, set a price and boom – allow people to download content of your best naughty business and make some money off of it! Also, there were tons of seminars and such that you could attend if you had the right kind of badge (like us) that got you insider secrets and stuff like that about the industry, but you had to be really cool to get in there. KAY!

 Speaking of making money, which is actually a big part of the AVN Awards and how to take your business to the next level, whether as a Company or you ’re an upcoming star looking to cash in off your beautiful soul, there were other various communities like Chaturbate, which is another top-ranked Cam Site.



There are also Companies showing off some of their best assets for each type of pleasure you might have that suits your fancy, such as Sex Toys, clothing, dolls, lubes and plenty of fetish garments and accessories for you to choose from.

This was a big deal at AVN, as there were actually a whole floor dedicated to Fetish products, which we unfortunately forget to get a picture of, but we did manage to snap one of a company selling their gear. FYI, this picture does not do justice for what the dark floors represented and the amount of fun that was going on in there.




 So let's break it down real quick! There are two types of people besides the performers there that you’re going to see that attend the AVN Awards. There are the almighty fans and the people who are working there, but no matter what. All you have to know is AVN is a blast to attend for either and an experience all in itself. Occasionally you’ll even see super hero’s or your favorite gaming characters Like DVA from Overwatch, Deadpool from Marvel, Rogue from X-men, or even a sexy Little Mermaid Ariel.


Yes, absolutely. It beats sitting at home, or being those people that go to Vegas only to sit at a table for 3 days, drink at a shitty dive bar and try to pick up older Milfs, which are things you can experience all in the comfort of your own home – almost. So put those quarters in your piggy bank and save for next years AVN Awards 2020, where I’m sure it will be even hotter and fun.


Cya all next year!!!