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We aren’t always talking about dildo’s and vibrator’s here. Sometimes we’ve got our sex tips, news clips, and of course, sometimes we’ve just got to rank some hot bods!

Halloween is our favorite holiday for one reason and one reason alone - costumes! Now originally, we were just going to give you a list of our favorite costumes, but that was a little too stale and too long of a list! Ssexy vampire lipso we thought maybe we’d narrow it down, which took us to vampires, the kings and queens of what seems to be a lifelong orgasm. Turns out not too many differences on the costumes, so we decide to turn this blog into a list of vampires we wouldn’t have any problem turning for!


Vampires are often sexualized in fantasy and there are few things more beautiful than the female figure, so we started with a giant list and had to narrow them down, if you think we should have added more tell us!


 Nina Dobrev in The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Elena Gilbert
I've never seen the show personally, but I can confidently say I would trade a million sunrises for a nibble on the neck from this woman.


Aaliyah in Queen of the Dammed


I hardly remember this movie, but I will always remember how absolutely stunning and terrifying and gorgeous she looked all at the same time. Leaving us all breathless!


Ashley Greene in Twilight


It was like pulling teeth from me to put this movie on the list but Ashley Greene never takes a second thought to put on our list!







Selma Hayek in From Dusk to Dawn
What are words? We don’t need words when we have gifs of Selma Hayek like these! 



Kristane Loken in Bloodrayne
Wow, where these movies terrible, but no one pulled off a better 90’s goth in the 2000’s!


Kate Beckinsale in Underworld
Unanimously agreed upon in the office that she would be on the list, which movie was more of a debate.




We learned one lesson from this list, Hollywood loves stacking good looking male vampires into one feature. So get ready to choose and comment below!


Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire?


This ultimately caused a heated debate in the office, but only one of us is actually writing this article so… Brad Pitt for the win!


Ian Somerhalder or Paul Wesley in The Vampire Diaries
It’s something in their eyes that makes us not want to look away.

David Boreanaz or James Marsters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Angel-David-boreanaz-james-marsters-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-hot-vampires-sex-toys-honey-adult-playEnglish accent yes, please! But… there is something to say about the man who continued with Bones and SEAL Team 😍.


Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000


No room for debate on this last one! Sure, the movie was marginally better than Bloodrayne, and that is saying something. But come on! A suave sexual Gerard Butler that gives the gift of what seems to be a never-ending orgasm? Yeah, he is on the list!


Did we miss someone? Don’t agree with our picks? Or do you really think Tom Cruise blood-splatter-drips-drops-hot-sex-toys-honey-adult-playwas a better biter than Brad Pitt?

Let us know in the comments!

The one thing I will say about this list,
find me Nina Dobrev, find me…