Now that we’re in 2019 and we have those great resolutions that half of us won't stick to, maybe we can try something that is fun, rewarding, and that two people can enjoy! This is also something that can take place in that special comfortable area – the bedroom or maybe even the car, the bathtub or maybe in that bathroom stall.


2019 the World is your Oyster in a Sea of Sexiness!




We’ve gathered some insights on some of the top sexual positions that are a bit unorthodox: Meaning we aren’t going to even put missionary, cowgirl or the good ole’ doggy style. Yes, yes, we know these positions are good and always the go-to, but we’re keeping it a bit spicy for 2019, because who doesn’t want to try something that’s both new and pleasurable before we hit that 2020!




1: To the Window to the Wall! Up against the wall (Standing doggy style) is one of our top positions and there are various reasons as to why it’s not only relatively comfortable but also pleasurable.  With this position, both people can put in an equal amount of force against each other at their own desirable pace, but it also helps with this angle the penis goes up towards a woman’s G-Spot. Keep this in mind in any sexual position being considered. Standing sex is also one of the most unusual positions men chose in a survey and that was without even knowing about the angle G-Spot trick!




2: Let us give 50/50 on this relationship: Sideways Cuddle Fucking. This one should be everyone’s favorite, as it begins with the whole invention of how spooning started, and always leads to more. This is also another position where both can share an equal amount of velocity with each thrust up against each other, while also being extremely comfortable while laying down. Also, try having the women use a vibrator on his clitoris for some extra fun.


3: The seated Bull – Reverse style. Our top 3 position is the sitting bull giving the woman the opportunity to sit on top with an equal amount of control from the male but gives her a bit more control on movement while providing close friction for both partners. This position is important for letting the women control the top and finding a healthy medium for each other’s pleasure. It is very important for the man to stay close, as this position is about full body friction vs just our privates.


4: She’s on top of the World! The Slide is another Kama Sutra position that is used for the woman to be on the top of the man. Most positions guys always get to see and focus on the women’s “sexy parts”, but The Slide is one of those positions that is close to cowgirl but created a tighter feel and friction between the penis and vagina, but the whole part of this position is just like the name – to slide across each other. *Side Note* if you want to increase the pleasure, try using some oil between each other and experience a much better experience than with regular cowgirl style.

5: The Mermaid: As we’re halfway in, its time to start moving to some positions that are comfortable but can also be a bit more difficult to pull off. With that being said - if this position can be pulled off, you two will end up looking like porn stars if you watch yourself in the mirror or maybe even recording yourselves! For this one, the women is on top while the man holds her either by the ass or her thighs helping her lift them up. This position gives her the opportunity to be on top, while the man is playing a serious power bottom and still being in control.

6: SCISSOR ME! The Side Scissors is a combination of a woman lying comfortably on her side with the Mr. behind her, but each other’s legs are in a “scissoring” position and offering less body contact and focusing more on pleasuring the genitals themselves. Most positions always have a lot of body frictions, but the main goal here is to provide clit stimulation.


7: COWABUNGA DUDE: This one is called the surfboard and is man active providing more types of middle penetration and anal petting for both people to get a little taste for the sensitive spots right beneath the butt. As the woman relaxes on her stomach and keeping both legs closed relatively tight, this provides both A-spot and G-spot stimulation and allows for great breast touching.



8: THROW THE BODY OVER THE OVERPASS: This sex position is called the overpass with the man on top and in reverse. This one stimulates the clitoris with some touching of the anus, giving it a little tease with every thrust. This one is not necessarily advanced, but it is a little bit difficult to execute at the start, but once you find your groove, Stella is barging through that door in 2 days, asking for seconds



9: HE’S SUCH A BULLDOG: Even though we said we wouldn’t be saying doggy style wouldn’t be listed, this one is considered different, since it is geared towards G-spot stimulation and only has mild penetration. The reason we like this one over regular standard doggy style is because it is actually a Kamasutra sex position and is more geared towards the sex partners being close and enjoying kissing and grabbing of the breast or being able to reach down and stimulate the clitoris, vs just hanging on to the hips or ass. Want to try a rendition of doggy style that’s more intimate? The bulldog is something for you then!


10: THE BLACK WIDOW: After tons of research and checking statistics at Harvard, it was determined there is only one true position for a woman to truly climax and that is by eating the male after sex. This strategy ensures that she is fed to completeness as most likely every previous position the male has tried has just left her hungry and wanting something to fill the void that was left from complete and utter disappointment.