The world is extremely vast, with diverse cultures and preferences dictating what is considered sexy.


In fact, the world has almost nothing in common when it comes to that topic. For example, among Americans who watch porn, the majority were mostly interested in search terms in the likes of “lesbian” “mn ilf” or “step mom” while Russians were the most interested in terms like “anal”, Asians in “hentai”, and Eastern Europeans in “teens (18+)” (PornHub Insights). Simply put, one could make the assumption that culture and living environment significantly impacts one’s sexual fantasies. Whereas, Americans fantasize about the soccer mom next door while Russians are addicted to ass play;  perhaps the Asian cultures, being exposed to more animations and comics than the rest of the world, preferred drawn fantasies over the real thing.


And Eastern Europeans, with many nations lax on underage marriages, prostitution, and relationships; unfortunately, preferred teens. Actually, preference is not the only difference. The average age of porn viewership among Indians was mostly composed of the younger generation while viewership among Russians was greatest among middle-aged men. Most exciting sex (kinky fantasies) was reported in Mexico, China, and India (PornHub Insights).


What explains these patterns? Perhaps birth rate among various age groups and regions may have to do with it, but so does other factors like a region’s access to technology since the higher access to porn correlates to more sexual desires. We can make the assumption that what the world considers “sexy” differs as much as fire and ice. It’s not just preference or randomness, but rather science.

stiflers mom 

There’s reasons why Americans are into moms whether that may or may not be due to how moms are portrayed in movies like American Pie or Mrs. Robinson from the classic film, The Graduate.  There’s reasons why China and India have some of the highest birth rates and one of them is definitely their love for bomb, exciting sex.