"Routine is one of the most dangerous silent enemies of couples."


In this sense, it is important to know some tips to resume the fire. Light the flame of passion and let yourself be carried away.

Living as a couple is part of a routine. Many couples with the passage of time lose the customs that made them experience acute moments. They used to do it like rabbits, but now what?

Reality is changing. Perhaps because there is more responsibility in the couple, more routine practice. But why do routines come? They arise so that all the activities of the day can be planned.

Nothing is like before, right?

According to various studies carried out in different countries, couples assure that they continue to love and want. But routine means they don't have time to enjoy intimacy.

One of the things they say is that nothing is like before. Couples say that routine has eclipsed the moments of pleasure and desire that were experienced in the beginning. They say everything is automatic now. Sometimes, they don't even feel loved by their partner.


The most important thing is to recognize that there is a problem with routine


Couples who do not accept that the routine has extinguished the fire will not be able to solve it. Therefore, it is important to know that there are solutions to this problem.

Routine itself extinguish the sexual fire of the parties. These types of pairs are also known as "unjustified pairs. If you feel that you are part of a demotivated couple, accept it!

To solve a problem, the first step is to accept the problem and find a solution.

So how do you solve the problem with the routine parts?

Many couples want to get out of the routine, but don't know how to do it. There are many tips on the internet. But all these tips are summed up in the same principle. You have to do everything differently. You must be willing to learn. Preliminary games are the basis of success.

It is also necessary to establish agreements. In other words, sometimes couples leave for lack of agreement.

An example of this is that the couple initially had many sexual encounters. Now they have almost no meetings, but some of the two want to follow that rhythm.

Therefore, you should sit down and talk to your partner and find answers to the questions.


Preliminary games are very transcendental

couple engaging in foreplay

If you don't know what we're talking about when we talk about foreplay, you're already in trouble. But don't worry, foreplay is the first step.

A lot of foreplay can help you get back on fire with your partner. There are also some cases where couples are not aware of their own partner's fantasies or sexual flavors.

This problem is especially for women since most people often don't share information immediately about their darkest fantasies and perverts.


So what should you do in particular?

- Personally record the problem and talk with your partner.

-Report foreplay.

Sex is more than an act of pleasure. The formation of a bond makes intense emotions feel, it is surpassing the skin to reach the heart. Sex is also healthy for our body and our soul, it helps us to free ourselves from stress, we feel more alive and relive, we inject positive energy and also help us to sleep better.

On the other hand, one aspect we need to think about sex is that we have an incredibly creative and dynamic dimension. Of course, talk about it and express us with confidence to share the desires, needs, and fantasies of trust that make a fabric of richer personal space grow and know each other much better, both us and the other person.

How to get out of the routine then?

There are many things you must do. But let's explore the most crucial ones:

Tell the truth, explore your desires

Before going into detail about proposals that can improve sexual life, the promotion of sexual communication is a priority. It's time to speak clearly, without fear, to reveal veils.

It's time to surprise ourselves, to discover ourselves openly and to realize the fantasies of ourselves and the couple. We must be honest about our sexual desires and dreams.

You must have a week's sex date

Once a week, we'll set up a meeting with our partner. There, novelty and imagination will direct the destiny of the #sexadventures. We can plan it or even let each week be one that prepares that event, according to your desire to surprise the other person.

You should be inspired by films, books. Come on!

We all have our favorite songs, characters and movie stories. Occasionally staging any scene or character (with accompanying music) can be a very suggestive thing in favor of a new sexual encounter.


It's also worth playing the strangers game

Meet in a bar, in a park and pretend you don't know anything about life. Start talking and see what happens. It can be really fun.

You can give massages to your partner

Both men and women love massage. It's a great way to start the passion. So the "happy ending" massage is an experience we can try with the couple. For this, we can also use special creams and oils at this time.

Phone sex! Phone sex!

A call, email or an erotic WhatsApp received at any time of day can be very stimulating. It's a way to break the routine, increase sex play and feed fantasies. Get into the lust and pose something morbid for your partner.

Do or receive Striptease to kill routine

In general, illness is an experience we all enjoy. Women usually wake up laughing in the morning. It's a great way to start. Men, on the other hand, think it's extremely erotic. If we do it right, with the right clothes and the right music, we can make situations as fun as they are unforgettable.

All these aspects will help you throw routine into the trash and reactivate the fire baby!

As Jim Morrison said: Come on baby light my fire!!!!! Fire!!!!!!!!