In the age of everything virtual is it a surprise that sex has become an even bigger commodity than ever before? Take the highly popular HBO series The Deuce starring James Franco. The series takes a look at the early beginnings of the Porn industries in the 1970s.

Still highly secretive and illegal the intrigue and demand for the ever popular sex trade is a boon for early adopters.

Today sex is quite literally in your face at every turn if you want it. Want raunchy sex... you got it. Want a guide to self pleasure or new toys to experiment with a partner? 

Sex blogs offer everything from clinical advise to "how to guides" on sex toys. There are a few that literally stick out for Honey Adult Play.

The Redhead Bedhead

JoElle Notte the Redhead in charge is a writer, adult toy panelist and frequent speaker as well as a researcher and mental health advocate brings all the pieces together in her blog.

A certified Sex Educator, Notte strives to educate about enjoying a fulfilling sex life. The blog offers research and information from a clinical perspective which highlights the emotions of couples or individuals who simply don't feel like having sex to learning how to use a cock ring to it's best advantages.   

Notte doesn't shy away from depression and mentally illness by any means and takes the proverbial bull by the horns and dives in deeply.

We love that fact that the Redhead recognizes that feel good endorphins, while amazing can only last for so long.



My Tickle Trunk

Toronto based sex blogger "Charlotte" started reviewing sex toys a half a dozen years ago and shall we say - she's still going strong.

A frequent speaker and panelist at events like "Everything to Do With Sex" and "Eroticon"  Charlotte offers a fresh perspective on anal play, dildo and sex subscription boxes.

Sex subscription box The Big Oh Box offers a plethora of toys and delightful trinkets for the mousy beginner to the Fifty Shades of Grey dominatrix.

Offering subscriptions quarter for under $80 allows you to try before moving into a new life style.

In addition to the review of Sex Toys Charlotte shares her point of view on adult books and body positive imagery.

We loved the rounded view points which offer content not just for our body but also our minds. 

Candy Snatch Reviews

Blogger and sex writer Katy Seymour - yes, that's really her name. Seymour spotlights sex tech and positive body images and celebrates everything she loves about her sexuality.

Championing the cause of sexual empowerment and stamping out slut shaming for knowing what you want and proudly announcing it, Seymour offers one of our favorite perspectives on how to use and enjoy adult toys.

Can anyone ue a dildo? Sure they can. Does everyone enjoy using a dildo... that's a question that Katy answer with nit only insight to better sex but actual pleasure.

Voted among on of the Top Sex Bloggers by Kinky in 2017 we give Katy serious props for understanding what feels good and what feels good to you and the body you're in. 

Are sex blogs necessary? Maybe..maybe not. But, for anyone whose ever had unfulfilling sex, we invite you to join a community that takes a look at the hows and why of self enjoyment and how to include partners to your intimate party.

Reading certified and well seasoned sex bloggers allows us to move on from the "their just trying to sell me something" to the deeper meaning each of these sites offer.

You can buy a dildo or anal beads anywhere - shameless plug - we'd prefer that you buy them here but - for a vivid understanding of using certain toys for a variety of reason that as different as the people that buy them, we hope you'll give some interest to these helpful and fulfilling blogs.