One of the best things about being a couple is being alone. But, being alone doesn't always mean being in private.  There are dozens of places to be alone in public.  Why this may actually seem contradictory - there are crowded outdoor venues where people are so into what they are doing - they virtually don't often notice what's going on around them.

  1. BoHo Coffee Houses

Grab you cappuccino or latte in sit back in your cushy velvet sofa and listen to the sounds of the local-out-of-work musicians that are on the edge of their next big break.

Most people in the most vintage coffee cafes are so into themselves that you are less important than the immediate services that  they are waiting on.  Our tip. Play hookie from work together on the next overcast or rainy day for some quality us time.

2. Farmers Markets

Yes, we know - this one seems less obvious than the others on our list. Most people that attend Farmers Markets tend to be "locavores", Whole Food Types or foodies.  If you like to cook together - consider making a spontaneous meal together.

Tip: Don't create a menu until you get to the market. Having a plan in mind takes the spontaneity out of the event. Hunting for ingredients for a pre-planned meal could cause frustration looking for ingredients that may not be available. Rather choose interesting ingredients that can work with most meals.  Ask Alexa what can I make with these 5 ingredients? The rest is sure to be a fun and spontaneous evening.

3. Outdoor Bistro or Cafe

Too crowded you say? When was the last time you had strangers stand in front of your table at a cafe or bistro..? okay.. at least when you were alone and speaking loudly on your smartphone?

Two-seater cafes ensure that you won't be joined by a wayward friend or butt-in-ski who wants to yammer on about nothing.  Enjoy a romantic rondevu with your significant other in the spirit of Madrid or Paris.

4. Amusements Parks

You may begin to see a pattern starting here. Once again we've recommended a location that is filled with people everywhere around you - who couldn't give to flits about what you are doing.

This is one of the best open secrets in the dating world - no matter what your age.

Thrills and more thrills. The taste of cotton candy on your lovers lips and the wafting smell of fresh buttery popcorn take both of you back to a place where there was absolutely no stress and lots of "feeling good" pheromones.

5. Hiking

For outdoor lovers and exercise buffs hiking is a great way to be alone in public. Depending on your ability and the trails that you attempt, you may see a few people or a boy scout troupe.

Either way, you'll likely be very alone in a very public place. Whether you decide to  have a romantic picnic or spend the night - you'll both enjoy spending time together in the open and in public.

Spending time alone is not as hard as you may think. There are dozens of reasons and excuses that will keep you from doing the things that you really want to do.  Depending on your point of view - the only effort you need to make is making the encounter happen.

If your relationship needs a reset than make it happen. If it's important then you will  - if not you can stay home together in private and alone.