Masturbation Cups - Fulfilling a Need

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Posted on March 26 2018

Masturbation Cups - Fulfilling a Need

Masturbation cups may seem unnecessary if you have lots of old socks around - just kidding. Handheld girlfriends believe it or not can benefit both sides of a sexual pairing.

When we asked a few youngsters - this was a common refrain:   "Personally I am still a virgin and I bought this item after getting my first girlfriend, to relieve myself in a more realistic and sensual way and to try to train myself to actually, you know, thrust. Rather than move my hand or this sleeve up and down over myself. Simply place this on a surface that is at a parallel height. You can hold it down with one or both hands and go to town."

From seasoned guys we heard: "It's kind of like your wife but doesn't complain as much"

"My husband loves this! Not only is it well made, easy to clean and affordable, it keeps him happy when I'm not in the mood or too tired!"

 One users said " Very life-like and easy to clean. I’ve been using the product for about 3 weeks and the only con I can think of is that the vaginal side has stretched slightly. I think it’s mainly due to my lack of lubrication (more friction the better IMO). As someone who has struggled with stamina in bed, I can confidently and happily say I’m close to doubling my regular time during the real thing. If you’re on the fence, get over it. This is the one you’ve been looking for. You can’t beat this product especially for its price. Finally i recommend buying the “frequently bought with” water based lubricant. I prefer less for more sensation but a little bit is required to avoid pain lol!!"

There are dozens of reasons that a man may want to use a Masturbation cup - one said point blank "She never complains, or gets sick, or gets her period. She is always ready for you. She is amazing.

Good for an average size guy, but if you are extra large you will go through the other end. Many ways to use it. My favorite is in the mouth all the way. Lots of space and she feels just right, not too loose or tight. Figure out how to work the tongue and it’s unbelievable..."

Loneliness is among the top reasons but, perfecting technique ranked equally as high.

I mean what's a guy to do about perfecting his stoke and taking his time without the benefit of having a woman around to take the time and patience to learn to get everything exactly right?

Women should consider giving Pocket Pussies aka Masturbation cups as gifts to their boyfriends, husbands and even their sons.

After all practice makes perfect and who doesn't want a man that's perfected this standard?

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