The thing about lubes is that you can use them with or without a partner. We're not telling you anything that you don't already know. What we do want to tell you is that lubes vary widely.  Lubes can be water-based, silicone based or made to react to each other.

In this post we're going to discuss several different kinds of lubes and why you may want to try them.

Yours + Mine

One couple explained their adventures in couples lube this way: "Not everyone needs lube but, K-Y Yours +Mine Couples Lubrication We enjoyed using this product as it was our first time using it. Though I read some negative reviews, out of curiosity I just had to try it. When we first tried it out we used a small amount 5-6 drops for each of us. I personally feels a little goes a long way and we both enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed myself maybe a little too much because I had multiple vaginal orgasms using this product. Which has NEVER happened before. When trying to use a little too much of this product the next day it felt like a hot mess and we stopped to wipe ourselves off just to start making sparks once again. I highly recommend this product to open minded sexually uninhibited couples who likes to have fun. It wasn’t messy and neither of us had any skin irritation or reactions using this product. Our preference in using this product was either the warming alone or both together neither of us liked using the tingling alone. "

Others had a less than pleasant but more hysterical adventure, Sharon said"Please, oh, please tell me what this product is supposed to do? Immediately after application, my "region" began to burn so badly I had to run to the bathroom and shower it off! Thing is, my husband was right behind me as his tube produced the same sensation.

It's supposed to feel cool? I thought I had applied capsaicin. Must admit it did give us a great laugh after rinsing this miracle oil off and thanking heaven that it does rinse off very easily and the burning ceases once that is done.

I found out one of the ingredients is benzoic acid! Well, that explains the fiery effect...

Whose bright idea was this in the first place?? The box is not lying when it uses the word "ignite". Try it at your own risk, only have a fire extinguisher handy."

Recommendations: Go slow. Read the product descriptions for ingredients and possible skin reactions or irritations that might effect one of both of you. 

Fuck Water

This water based lubricant gets right to the point. No chance of misidentifying what the objective is here.

Long lasting and glycerin free, Fuck Water is "legs and arms" above the competition. Frankly it's what we'd want in a lube, free of irritating chemicals (it's also paraben free and cleans up relatively easy with soap and water.

Couples who used Fuck Water said "Love this stuff. Favorite lube by far. Does it's job and doesn't leave that typical lube smell after. Highly recommended."

Brandon said "Probably the best personal lube we’ve found for long performance. It doesn’t dry quickly, stain, or get gelled. It feels like light water. It’s great and easy to clean up as well as gentle for the skin."

Other couples reported that Fuck Water did feel a bit tacky when giving hand jobs. So that may be a lube that's better for internal loving rather than external love.

Durex Warming Lube

A name we all know from their line of successful condoms Durex offers their own version of warming lube, likely meant to compete against KY Yours and Mine.

Available fragrance free and with lightly wafting scents this lube made our list of top 10 lubes on the market. Not only was it not tacky or sticky, Durex Warming Lube doubles as massage gel that sets the mood nicely for both of you.

This was one of the only lubes that we tried that did dry out a bit during use but it never felt like an irritation on the skin due to friction. 

Online reviews were largely mixed. "This is not a good product as it leaves a film and looses slip after a short time."

"...bought this before from a local store and it was great, when I ordered it online ti was not in gel form at all. Runny liquid, not usable and not returnable. DON'T BUY ONLINE because you can't be sure it is still in gel form and you can't return it."

"The girlfriend and I really enjoyed this lube. You have to use quite a bit of it if you use it as massage oil as it tends to be a little on the runnier side."

Recommendations: We'll file this one in the buy column with a caveat: Buy for the lube and not the massage aspects. Clean chemically - which we liked and works well for it's intended use, however if you prefer a massage oil - then buy a massage oil.

Booty Relax

Made for the anal lovers and anal explorers. Booty Relax is a unique blend of minty, cooling and relaxing ingredients specifically developed for anal sex. Containing Ann Summers' O Blend, Booty Relax has been developed to enhance libido, intensify orgasm and increase sexual pleasure. 

This little gem is made by Ann Summers who is based in the U.K. - who doesn't want to check out what's going down across the pond?

Disclaimer: We're still waiting for our tube so this will be a 2-part review but (yes pun intended) here's what the Brits had to say:

"Great, does the trick; definitely don't put it in your mouth"

"Can be used to speed up the process or just to have a bit more play time. Either way, still well recommended."

"In my opinion the best I've tried so far.
The only downside is the size: if it was smaller it would be easier to have it all the time in my purse."

I have to say there were a number of things that attracted us to Butt Relax - first the great reviews and the ingredient list was a bit imposing but was balanced with natural root ingredients that left us a bit more comfortable.

As we said - this will be a two-part review.


Choosing a lube is very personal and should be based on the specific intent and need.

Will you both be choosing a lube that is responsive to the other or should you choose a lube that is beneficial to you both?

Does the lube have a dual purpose? How long do you expect to use the lube  - are you like to re-apply based on the product of the love making session.

Don't get us wrong trying out different products can be loads of fun but, cleaning off a sticky chemical smelling gel can quickly spoil the mood.

So like anything else that you'd want to plan for like a cocktail party or BBQ, get your shopping list together well before the kick-off of your event.

Determine what's on the menu and use the products for the purpose that they were planned for.