Some Toys may come with a special box or bag designed for storage; others, however, may come in generic packaging. Properly storing your sex toys is an important toy saving manner right along with the duty of cleaning your toys. If the toy comes with a protected case or bag you should most certainly use it. It is a good idea to keep sex toys separated when putting away, keeping them stored in different bags helps with keeping every toy fresh and like new, by eliminating cross contamination of moisture. However; one of the most common mistakes people do make is that they store all their toys in the same bag or container. Don’t be like Nike, just don’t do it.

The second most costly mistake people take is the temperature, sometimes we want to find a hard to find place to store our toys, we often overlook what temperature in these places. Just like most other silicone-based products or items containing batteries, whether the items that are insertable or not, it’s always a bad idea to subject them to extreme temperatures. Basically, be mindful and avoid the freezer or your car’s dashboard on a hot day -  we wish we were joking about those examples. Temperature extremes could make your toy unusable by either melting them or ruining battery life, which we think would put a damper on anyone’s day the next time you are in the mood and go looking for your toy – that is the wrong time to find out.

Then we get to cleaning your toys. Cleaning toys is always important but especially before properly putting them away. Depending on your toy it may be as simple as running water over the toys or taking a damp cloth to it, others may require a special cleaning solution, this will depend on the instruction the manufacturer has included. (One reason we love Honey Adult Play’s toy selection is that they are all simple to maintain.) After washing your toy be sure to let it properly dry before storing away, you may be able to dab a dry towel or cloth to speed up the drying process.

Lastly, take a minute to inspect your sex toy for any damage before putting them away. A simple crack or tear in the silicone or toy would be a good reason to replace your sex toy, as to not have to find out your toys need replacing when you want… or need them the most.


The hidden truth: If you're nervous about someone stumbling upon your toys there is always the option of a case with a lock.  A quick internet search and you can find several cases and boxes in different sizes that have a lock to ensure no one will find your treasure chest of joy keeping your full privacy.