The girls guide to intimate play starts by determining what you want. Will this be a party for one or two people? In this blog post we'll discuss both.

A party guide is all about where and how to have a good time. There are no rules as to how many people need to be at the party.

We'll discover toys for one and what and how to add more people to your party. 

Lifelike Dildo

For many women, they could never see themselves experiencing the pleasure of a "man" without an actual man. Why not? Women have babies without having a man around to "physically" plant the seed - the same is true of the Lifelike Dildo.

It does everything you want it to - the way you want it to and you won't have to make it a sandwich or get it a beer when you're done with in.

Set it to varying speeds to rotate and gyrate at your desired rate of stimulation.

The lifelike balls offer the touch and sensation of the actual experience. The lifelike flesh give you the real skin feel without the need or worry of a condom.

Stroke the shaft for the soft touch of a vein laden throbbing member of your new and oh-so extended family.

Take your time - he's got all night to stimulate you and try things that you'd always wanted to try alone.

If your party is for two - then a real life demonstration is the best way to show your partner how you like it.

Flip the switch and build his intensity by showing him exactly what you have in store for him. You can do this in person, over Snap chat and of course Skype.

No need for your man to get jealous, if he's away - simply show him all the tongue related tricks you've learned and can't wait to show him.


Kegel Cherry Balls

Coupled or solo - what woman doesn't want to strengthen her kegle muscles. For those of you that are not familiar with kegel exercises - this little cherries help to tighten your pussy.

Work your way up to each of the sizes as you squeeze and tighten your pelvic muscles.

Insert several at one time while your at work and make it a game to see how long and how many you can keep in?

There is no right or wrong and we can tell your first hand that EVERYBODY wins this game.

Traveling solo? Our Lifelike Dildo will feel all the better after a few weeks working with the Cherry Kegel balls.

Got a partner in the military - can you say "Thar he Blow's" and really mean it when he gets home from leave!

Recently had a new baby and wondering if sex will ever feel the same "down" there? These are exactly what kegel balls are made for.

Designed to keep you physically and sexually healthy in a discreet and intimate manner that will make all difference and is certainly worth waiting for - whether your partner is near or far - kegel it!