Fabulous Fellatio - What Men Really Want

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Posted on April 21 2018

Fabulous Fellatio - What Men Really Want

The term ‘fellatio’ wasn’t used until 1894 when sexual researcher Havelock Ellis used it in one his clinical works on sexuality, and he additionally used the terms to refer to the performing part as “fellator; if female, a fellatrice or fellatrix.” As to where the term ‘blow job’ came from, we’re not quite sure, but it appeared in pulp fiction by the 40s and we haven’t looked back since!

Learning about some subjects can not only be good for you but fun too. More specifically, knowing about fellatio can not only be educational but make your personal relationship more exciting and fulfilling. Still, despite the fact that it is 2018, many of you ladies out there have never even heard of fellatio let alone know how to properly fellate a fella.

Fellatio has a natural power dynamic to it that works both ways. If you like being submissive to your man then kneel before him and please him. If you like being in control and you feel powerful then put him on his back and crawl over him and express yourself. No matter what, use your hands a lot because it will add to the overall experience.

If you like variety there are many different positions you can try. You can work in some light S&M by blindfolding him and tying him down before you do your thing. Engage in a little mutual nipple-pinching or spanking if you like.

While giving your man a surprise “hummer” as they say can be a good thing, remember that hygiene is a good thing too. Make sure your man washes everywhere you expect to have your face, mouth, tongue and fingers. If your man is uncircumcised this is especially important because the buildup of dirt and bacteria can result in an unpleasant odor and taste. If you’re worried, girls, then suggest a sexy shower and take the matter into your own hands.

Some women enjoy rubbing their face over their man’s crotch and others like kissing their way down to it or even kissing thighs as a form of foreplay. There are also many tricks and options involved with fellatio. The basics, however, can be broken down into some simple steps:

  • Kiss the head of his penis
  • Softly part your lips
  • Lick the head (glans)
  • Lick the corona--the ridge around the head
  • Take the head of it into your mouth
  • Use both your lips and your tongue to caress the head and the corona
  • Use your lips and tongue to caress the frenulum or the underside of the head too

While some women like a man’s natural taste and others claim that the taste of a man’s ejaculate doesn’t really change all that much, various online sources indicate otherwise. In fact, some common fruits that make a man’s ejaculate taste better include pineapple, apples, lemons limes and other citrus fruits. There are other things a man can eat regularly that will also influence his taste such as celery, white fish, and fresh herbs.


If your man wants to direct you then, let him. If you are not into actual command then tell him ahead of time that his suggestions are welcome. After all, oral sex is a gift one gives to another and not a demand (unless, of course, you’re into that kinda thing).

Many men do not enjoy teeth. Many prefer you just use your lips and tongue. There are some men, however, who enjoy very light nibbling on the shaft.

When in doubt, ask, If he likes a little nibble , be careful. Check with him as you go and remember that at best it is but a small optional portion of the entire act.

Some women like to practice on a realistic dildo to perfect their technique or to surprise a significant other who may be away for an extended period of time - like in the military - (he'd like to be grateful for any attention! - but a new skill would drive him wild!)


Massage your man in other areas while you are pleasuring him. Some guys like a gentle anal sphincter while receiving fellatio. (Yet another reason why hygiene is very important.) Some men like when a woman anally fingers them but be sure to use enough lubricant, go slowly at first and make sure the finger you use is properly manicured. (Check our review about anal condoms.)

Last but not least, if you like giving your man fellatio, by all means, let him know before, during and after that you enjoy it. Men often find it arousing knowing that their women enjoy fellating them.

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