Learning to love smart is not about calculations. It portends to help couples engage more deeply with the time they have together in a busy world that is getting busier all the time.

Loving smarter often means making sure that your partner is completely fulfilled both romantically and intimately.

Trust is pivotal in learning to love smart. Experimenting with devices, toys and creams allows you to let go of your inhibitions with the person you should truly trust the most.

Allowing the flow of an easy conversation as to what feels good to your partner without judgement, repulsion or conclusions.

Introducing sex toys into a relationship is focused more on providing pleasure in a way that expresses the truest of feelings while allowing yourself to be vulnerable not just to your partner, but also your body. Whisking your mind to a place that leaves the daily grime of responsibility is a place we should all want to go. 

Woman Having Orgasm

In this conversation we'll discover several ways to introduce playful toys into your relationship.

Remember the goal of allowing your partner complete freedom to relax and enjoy themselves without judgement or criticism.


EVA - Personal Massager



Deceptively quiet and designed to contour the shape of the body, the Eva Personal Messager allows couples to slowly and methodically provide intense vibrations to areas that matter most.

With multiple vibration settings, couples and enjoy a sensual massage for up to 2 hours. This will allow each partner to enjoy stimulating the other.

For women, try gently massaging your partners testicles while stroking the shaft of his penis. Your hands can do the work while your lips caress his.

For men, let Eva reduce the tension in your lady's neck and shoulders after her long day at the office. Slowly work you way around and outside of her vagina to build her to and slow but passionate state.

TANGO - Vibrating Cock Ring

With a decidedly adventurous twist on the traditional cock ring, the Tango introduces stimulating vibration to enhance the pleasure for both of you.

Slip the ring on and click the pulsating vibrated for an evening and adventure you'll both not only remember but, long to return to. 

Additional comfort lies with the clitoris stimulator which intensifies the pleasure she is having, which in turn up the pleasure for him.

These are just two small but intimate devices that are designed to be used together to maximize trust and pleasure.

Both products are beautifully designed to enhance the lovemaking for younger couples and seasoned couples alike.

Taking the time to lie together and savor the moment, while quietly listening to your partners body as he or she reacts to touch and stimulation, offers a new level of lovemaking and desire.

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