Anal beads - what are they and why do people actually use them? Well - the clinical definition is: Anal beads are a sex toy consisting of multiple spheres or balls attached together in series which are continuously inserted through the anus into the rectum and then removed with varying speeds depending on the effect desired (most typically at orgasm to enhance climax). Those who use anal beads enjoy the pleasurable feeling they receive as the ball passes through the narrow sphincter of the anus.

They why is much more subjective. The many nerve endings of the sphincter allow for sensations of arousal both during insertion and removal, and larger beads may create feelings of pressure while inside the rectum.

Beginners may want to use a string of small but progressively growing anal ball spheres to increase the pleasure and intensity as you learn to use the beads.

Like any pleasurable task - everyone wants to move to the next level. Anal beads allow the user to experiment with different size and styles of beads.

Silicone based are the most common. Beads with ridges and or nodules add an extra heighten sense of pleasure.

But, you may still be asking - HOW- do I actually use an anal bead?

Chelsea McCain of Adult Empire explained that, while anal beads act as a massage when they're in the body, their biggest benefit is the feeling of removal during or just before orgasm.

"The key to the beads is not necessarily the feeling you feel when they are going in, but rather when you pull them out," she says. "Put them in and slowly pull out during intercourse, masturbation, or right before you’re about to orgasm for a little extra boost."

When it comes to the wild world of anal play, anal beads are a great place to start. Many options are specifically designed for beginners, and they have the benefit of being relatively simple, but they deliver powerful results.