Adult Toys Market Expected to Pass $29 Billion by 2020

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Posted on July 18 2018

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Is there really a successful market for sex toys? Yes, and you should have read the title more carefully... The Global adult toys market is expected to exceed $29 billion USD by the year 2020. Sex toys are products that not only help in Graph on the riseenhancing pleasure but also sexual health. These toys are gaining mainstream attention as people are becoming more adventurous and are welcoming the usage of such products. According to Business Wire ( the market is growing at a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% and rising! Yeah… whatever that means, we aren’t mathematicians over here, but even we can tell that is a lot.

 People are now more willing to implement a  provocative lifestyle. Contributing factors towards this shift include an increase in openness, drive for excitement and adventure, joy for idiosyncratic products, heightened desire for experimentation, or just spicing up and enhancing sexual relationships with your partner. Since adult toys are gaining unprecedented attention, lending them a bit of normalcy in social circles, people are becoming more adventuresome - we like to call this the fifty shades of curiosity effect.

fifty shades of grey movie coverPop culture plays a big roles in trends especially in the adult toy market; when the books and movies fifty shades of grey were best sellers there was a major upswing in traffic for bondage ropes, handcuffs, and whips.

There are also therapeutic benefits to consider for a spike in interest. For instance, women experience a lot of bodily changes due to childbirth, fluctuating hormone levels and menopause, which both have an adverse impact on their sexuality - adult novelty items can help combat this. In addition, societal taboos can mean getting help or advice becomes onerous. As a lot of information is available online, consumers can order what they want from the privacy of their homes. Many online retailers ship products which are discreetly packaged!

There are numerous extensive factors that are fueling this market globally, and an important one is a therapeutic usage or even simply for pleasure. Technavio ( says vibrators, cock rings, and essential oils are among the most ordered and used items. So what exactly makes some adult toys $29 billion desirable? Let’s break some of them down in a quick simple manner… Cock Ring Vibrator Honey Adult Playvibrators it’s in the name, vibration something nature just can’t do! Sexual health products like Kegel Balls, that help women strengthen their pelvic floor, could be used for a multitude of reasons including better bladder control, especially after pregnancy or just good ole’ fashion longer lasting orgasms. Then there are performance enhancers such as cock rings - why just give your best when you can give more? And lest we not forget items like dildos or male strokers, for when you want something like the real thing but don’t have it. And these aren’t the only toys on the market, there are hundreds of different types of toys and novelty items to fill everyone’s desires. These products are only getting more popular and pleasurable by the day. What it really comes down to though is simple; The best gift you can give someone, even yourself, is an orgasm!

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